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All of the following patient testimonials were written by actual patients at AZ Lifestyle Chiropractic (AZLC) . All of our patients receive personalized, expert health care by the staff and doctors at our Center. Each patient experienced significant improvements in their health and overall well-being. In some cases, the patients had nagging health issues that traditional western medicine approaches had been unable to resolve, yet we were able to provide them relief. Please take a moment to read the testimonials below to see an example of how delighted our patients are with the care and results they receive from our doctors and staff at AZLC. You can receive results like this, too!

Dr Jodi is a miracle worker!
5 months ago my ankle was run over by a car, which required me to have surgery. I was struggling with my recovery and needed some extra help. After two visits with Dr Jodi I saw a huge amount of improvement in physical therapy, especially with balance exercises. Dr Jodi has also been helping with my overall wellness. The accident caused many things besides my ankle to go off balance because of the huge amount of stress. The baby steps that I am taking with Dr Jodi is slowly getting my energy level back to where it was and I believe by the end of my journey I am going to feel 2x better than I did before the accident. Go see Dr Jodi if you don’t feel 100% and want to make some healthy lifestyle changes. You won’t regret it, she is WAY MORE than just a chiropractor!

Morgan MesolAnkle.

I am a firm believer in Chiropractic medicine that focuses on me and my bodies needs, and not just "cracking a back". I have found that and so much more at AZ Lifestyle Chiropractic Center. Not only is every adjustment focused on the specific needs of my body, but I can also benefit from different IV treatments (hydration, stem cell, etc), dietary advice and more. I love the individual attention I get for any need I have and the best thing is there is never any pressure to "buy" - just a plan for options to maximize your health and then it's all up to you on where you go from there. AMAZING team here!!

Angie Howe

Dr. Jodi is absolutely wonderful. She really cares and will partner with you and the other docs in the office to support your health and wellness journey. She takes the time to educate you and the adjustments are top notch. I leave the office feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and seen/heard.
Everyone in the office is kind and helpful!

Krystle D

I have suffered with migraines for over 20 years. Having several a month wasn’t uncommon. I’ve tried all the meds and many left me with symptoms nearly as miserable as the migraine itself. After a consult with Dr. Dan I decided acupuncture was worth a try. Within 3 months he had them under control and now I go a month between sessions and rarely have a migraine. Dr. Dan has such a gentle, understanding approach. It is an understatement to say that Dr Dan has been a blessing to my health and I’m so glad I took the leap of faith to try acupuncture!!

Stephanie MadrugaMigraine.

My left knee and left lower shin. I’ve been in excruciating pain for two years. I’ve been to an orthopedic surgeon who wanted to replace my knee, but could not guarantee the pain in my lower leg would go away. I visited with Dr. Dan couple months ago. And we did PRP injection within one month and one week I had major improvement on flexibility and mobility, and my pain level went from a 10 to 2 I highly recommend Dr. Dan and Dr. Jodi to anyone who has knee issues or any type of joint issues. Dr. Jody has kept me together for over 20 years now and Dr. Dan injections brought me out of. Being depressed with my sore knee and leg major improvement, so I highly recommend to anyone who needs that type of help.

Kirk YankaskyKnee, Pain, Shin.

Success story for Maile: “My name is Jenny, mom to 18-month-old Maile Mons. She was born 6 weeks early weighing at 3 lbs. 4 oz. Due to her premature birth, she was hospitalized for 3 weeks and required more medical attention than a full term baby. The first 10 months of being a first time mom were sleepless and challenging. Maile had a weak immune system, reoccurring ear infections, and an immature digestive system. She was the baby who was always crying, never sleeping, always sick and only had bowel movements every 10-14 days. Due to her irregular bowel movements, she wouldn’t eat because she was uncomfortable and was not gaining weight well. I could hardly stand it. Her pediatrician began to recommend a gastroenterologist and ear specialist with the possibility of surgery. The idea of surgery and her stay in a hospital any longer was hard to bear. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Jodi. With Dr. Jodi’s help, Maile has never had another ear infection and has bowel movements daily. Her teething with molars along with her constantly having colds was a recipe for ear infections. Slight adjustments, a nutritional evaluation, and some homeopathic and herbal remedies cured her of her ear infections. The second biggest challenge, her digestive system and inability to gain weight came to end shortly after our first visit with Dr. Jodi as well. Dr. Jodi used kinesiology to determine foods that should be eliminated from her diet as well. THANKS DR. JODI. I now have a happy toddler everyone enjoys being around. Thanks so much for helping her to be the happy baby she always wanted to be!!”

Jenny MonsInfants, Ear Infections & Nutritional weight gain

I was greeted warmly by the new front desk gal (Melanie)! Totally enjoyed the encounter and my dry needling experience with Dr. Grozier was amazing.

Christine R

As ALWAYS, I received World Class Healthcare from Dr Jodi and her heart centered team. I do not give this designation lightly as I have received adjustments from dozens of skilled chiropractors nationally. I live in TN and come to AZ quarterly and always make certain I make an appointment to have my labs analyzed and get adjusted. Dr Jodi is second to none and her staff is super helpful, kind, and courteous. Highly recommend; especially if you have non-traditional health concerns and want to get to the root cause of your suffering.


I am with the Ideal Protein program and it is a pleasure to work with Cheree.

Mary G

I was very impressed with Dr. Grozier and his staff. They were very accommodating and great to work with.

Darrel P

I found the doctor very interested in hearing what I had to say about my physical condition and my issues with lower back pain. I liked how she explained everything she did before she did it. She ran strength testing to show me where my weak spots are. After she treated me, she ran the same tests again, and there was much improvement. I liked the way she spoke to me, pleasant yet professional. I will definitely see her again.


I am a firm believer in Chiropractic medicine that focuses on me and my bodies needs, and not just “cracking a back”. I have found that and so much more at AZ Lifestyle Chiropractic Center. Not only is every adjustment focused on the specific needs of my body, but I can also benefit from different IV treatments (hydration, stem cell, etc), dietary advice and more. I love the individual attention I get for any need I have and the best thing is there is never any pressure to “buy” – just a plan for options to maximize your health and then it’s all up to you on where you go from there. AMAZING team here!!

Angie H

I’ve been seeing Dr Jodi for a very long time. She’s the best! Now they have Dr Matt part of the team and this chiropractor is just as amazing. I faithfully get adjustments every 2 weeks to stay in top shape.

Joanne M

This place is AMAZING! Dr. Matt does an incredible job. I’ve never had so many benefits from any other chiropractor. He is also just a kind person. Love the front desk staff as well! You have to try it. No pressure or push to sign up for anything. They just care about helping you the best they can!

Lisa K

Az Lifestyle Chiropractic and Dr. Matt are one of the Best things that we have done for ourselves. We have really had great results in just a short time period, so happy we have decided to do take this step for better health. Their staff is friendly, efficient and makes this the perfect experience. Thank you!

Judy W

I came to see Dr. Jodi after my friend Jana referred me. At only 24 years old with more than a full work and school schedule I was beginning to feel more like 42. On the run I didn’t always make the wisest choices. After talking to Dr. Jodi, she helped me see the possible and ongoing consequences if I didn’t start changing some things. I am getting to where I want to be (with still a long way to go). I didn’t realize that a simple office visit would shed light on so many other things that were affecting me. I feel it is so much more than just Chiropractic care. It is All Over Wellness Care! If you feel the same way, why wouldn’t you give yourself the opportunity to start feeling better? Seeing Dr. Jodi is the best money you’ll ever spend.

Irma RubioStress-Fatigue

Love this office, love this staff. From the moment you walk in, Jackie is amazing and friendly. Dr. Jodi provides top notch care and has a great bedside manner. I recently started seeing Dr. Dan for some of my needs and he also provides the same great quality of care.

Heather W

Great place to go for all that they offer. Wife has been going here for chiropractor and weight loss. She loves it here. I just had some recent back issues and Dr Matt has really fixed me up. You are also greeted with a very happy person at the front desk.

Ron V

Finding Dr. Matt has changed my life. I had neck issues for 10+ years that had gone unresolved. I was at the point that I was becoming afraid to drive as I couldn’t turn my neck. I was in constant pain and, at 53, I didn’t want my next 10 years to be more of the same. Dr. Matt has changed that. He explained what was going on, sent me for x-rays, and then set a course of treatment. He actually showed me my x-rays, with an overlay of a “normal” neck, to explain the problems and the solutions. It took only 2 appointments for me to start getting movement back in my neck. I am now seeing Dr. Matt once a week to maintain my progress. I do exercises at home and I feel great. I will continue to see Dr. Matt to stay healthy and pain free. I look forward to each visit.

Kristen P

Wow!! Cheree got my son in same day and was so pleasant and helpful. Dr. Lopez fixed my son up in just one visit ! He went from, I can't handle the pain another day to, what just happened I feel like a new person! Prices are super reasonable and my son can't wait to go back. Thank you all so much for truly caring about your patients, we are so happy we found you!! I highly recommend this practice, don't even hesitate just make the appointment.


Highly recommend! I’ve had poor experiences in the past with other Chiropractors, Dr. Matt listens to you and takes his time figuring out the best plan for your body. My neck and back are feeling so much better! Thank you Lifestyle!

Mackenzie W

I have suffered from migraines for the majority of my life and I’ve never had anybody take the time out to see why. Coming here has drastically made a difference! The fact that time is taken out to find the issue and correct it so that I can live more freely without fearing the chance of migraines, *chef’s kiss*! On top of that, everybody in the office is extremely kind and helpful! 100/10 recommend!

Felicia W

I love AZ Lifestyle Chiropractic’s because the staff is amazing!!! Dr. Matt really knows his adjustments and is incredibly knowledgeable. Dr. Jodi is amazing, between diagnosis and treatment she’s there coaching and helping every way she can. I really appreciate the care I receive when I visit, and I really appreciate Jacky and Melony behind the desk!! Thank you for keeping me going 😁👍

Chris D
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